At our core, we work with leaders and executive teams to find impactful solutions to talent, culture and leadership challenges

We coach leaders’ evolution

We’ve all seen the hugely positive impact of great leadership. Conversely, the destructive effects on people, performance and societies when leaders falter are all too familiar. Leaders continually face new and different challenges. As they take on bigger, more complex roles, expectations grow exponentially. As such, they can’t stand still in their development.

We coach executives so they can evolve their leadership at a pace that meets or exceeds the demands of their roles. We are known for establishing trusted, honest coaching relationships, unearthing rich insights and being unafraid to ask the tough questions to help leaders make lasting breakthroughs.

We develop leaders and teams in the stickiest ways

Most approaches to leadership and executive development fail to deliver transformational outcomes. Some programs end up being more about the expertise and ego of the trainer than the participant.

For development that sticks, we take the role of honest mirrors to help leaders more fully understand themselves and their impact.

We combine real-life, real-time work-place development with experiential, off-site development, leveraging the benefits of peer learning.

We work with leadership teams to help them better understand each other, build genuine trust and interconnectivity and improve their performance. This is based on the knowledge that teams with high psychological safety are amongst the most successful and highest performing.

We identify and develop creative thinkers

We’ll never forget the words of a Creative Director we worked with who told us, “Creativity is an X factor.” We disagree. Research and breakthroughs in neuroscience allow us to demystify creativity.

We partner with you to build a Creativity Code, a map of the characteristics and capabilities people in creative roles need to be successful.

This is used to select and develop your creative talent, and more generally, to develop creative and breakthrough thinking in leaders, managers and individual contributors.

We also evaluate your company’s creative culture, getting to the heart of what’s enabling breakthrough thinking and what’s causing blockages.

We help drive organizational change and shift culture

Change management and culture change are notoriously difficult. They fail for a host of reasons including: a lack of consistent effort, too many competing agendas, no change champion, resistance or fear and no persuasive reason to change.

We partner with you from beginning to end to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes. From defining what you want to change and why, to building alignment within your executive team; from equipping your leaders to lead through change, to measuring your employees’ responsiveness to change.

We facilitate team and organizational learning

Time and time again, one of the biggest lessons we learn from history is that we don’t learn. In organizations, learning is often an afterthought or check box exercise.

Specifically, we debrief significant business initiatives and incidents, provide recommendations for improvement and assist with their implementation. From the launch of a new product or marketing campaign to a reputational crisis or failed strategy implementation there are key insights to be gained.

We get to the core of what led to successes or failures, drawing out individual, team and organizational learning. Our methodology ensures those involved have a voice and share important lessons that may otherwise go unheard.

Additionally, we help rebuild organizational culture following damaging events and support leaders as they lead their teams in the aftermath of a crisis.


Leadership journeys today are incredibly complex, intensely demanding and ever-evolving. Neil’s style - rooted in enduring principles and concepts; challenging yet caring; highly personalized - is well suited to this environment.

His coaching has transformed the way I think about and practice leadership. It’s benefited me in innumerable ways, professionally and even personally. More importantly, it’s benefited the organization I lead and the next generation of leaders coming through it. That ‘multiplier effect’ is priceless. We would not be the organization we are today without him.

Martin Whittaker CEO, Just Capital

Neil was a gift from the coaching gods to me. He helped me through a crucial inflection point in my career journey. He combined empathy with very practical and actionable steps towards a goal he helped me establish.

He was different from other coaches in that he combined the heart and mind – both crucial in helping me land the right role – which I did. If I could, I would have Neil as a coach – forever!

Sejal Shah Gulati Senior Executive, Professional Services

Neil changed my life. He guided me to ways to grow I didn’t think were possible. I’ve worked with Neil in individual and group settings and my time spent with him is always incredibly valuable. He helped me expand outside of my comfort zone, but also come to my own conclusions on how to grow that were true to my own personal style. He asked the tough questions, but always with an underlying sense of understanding and care.

I’ve been to countless leadership and team building seminars, but the work I did with Neil is far more valuable. He doesn’t stop at surface observations; he gives deep, actionable insights tailored to who I am as a person. As a direct response to my work with Neil I feel more authentic as a leader, my work has more meaning, my team is more engaged and I am happier as a person.

Frank Amorese Marketing Executive, Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Neil's work with individuals, teams and our organization as a whole has had and continues to add tremendous value and real impact. He listens and understands, has a keen and nuanced sense of people, issues and solutions. Like the warm and caring person he is, he is able and willing to adapt himself to the diverse needs of clients, drawing on a deep reservoir of techniques, with practical and actionable steps that raise the quality of outcomes and experience at each stage of the developmental journey.

His time with us has consistently provided essential support to each of us individually and collectively to help move forward together toward becoming a fitter, healthier and higher functioning team. Having experienced many such engagements, his comparative and absolute value is beyond compare. Worth every dime and minute of investment, I will and have recommended him to others without reservation.

M.S. Chief Operating Officer, Financial Services

Neil has been an amazing partner. In every project - from facilitating teams to designing a framework for creative talent to executive assessment - he has brought deep expertise and a collaborative way of working that engages the team.

It's coaching at the core and he does it masterfully, enabling us to create work that is more widely adopted and tailored to our organizational needs.

Kate B Now VP Culture and Engagement, S&P Global

I have worked with Neil on several highly visible and high stakes projects in the leadership development and executive team effectiveness areas. Neil has a complete focus on the client. He listens incredibly well and provides candid and direct feedback but does so with empathy and a solution focus. Neil is also amazingly insightful, whether it is assessing an individual’s leadership potential, diagnosing the root causes of ineffective team behaviors, or helping a coaching client reframe an issue for productive action.

With other leadership development consultants it is not uncommon to have predictable or tried and true solutions played back to you. With Neil I have experienced unique insight and novel ideas that are suited to the organization’s context. Most of all Neil is a pleasure to work with. He is a dedicated professional who models the leadership behaviors that he seeks to help others develop and a valued asset who works seamlessly with our team.

L.S. SVP Talent Management, Finance Sector

Neil excels as an executive coach and as a team facilitator. He was my coach as I transitioned to bigger and broader challenges and was instrumental on my journey, helping me see alternative perspectives and providing sane and sanguine advice on the way. He has a style that is both wonderfully calm and personable yet positively challenging. Working with him has enhanced my leadership abilities and allowed me to mature into a more balanced leader. Without his assistance I doubt my journey would have been so enjoyable.

Neil is an inspirational team facilitator in larger group settings. He is creative in engaging the group and challenging them to grow. Neil's strength is his ability to facilitate tactfully so that each member of the group not only contributes but is active and fully engaged in the process of making better leaders. I would embrace the opportunity to work with Neil in the future!

Michelle M. Chief Financial Officer

Neil and I have worked together on a number of organizational and talent-related projects, including coaching, leadership development strategy, executive assessment for culture ‘fit’, and team engagement facilitation. Neil is a fantastic thought partner, coach and facilitator who brings business acumen, a razor-sharp intellect, a keen curiosity, and a high degree of integrity to all of his engagements – this coupled with his rich global experience. A wonderful listener, he always takes the time to get below the surface and tune in to what’s really important. He is never afraid to challenge and is skilled in helping clients see things from different perspectives and think creatively about the optimal solution.

It’s always a privilege to partner with Neil, and I would not hesitate to recommend him for consultancy work in the Talent, Leadership and Organizational Development / Organizational Strategy space.

Joanne T. VP, Global Talent, Estée Lauder Companies

I have had the very good fortune of working with Neil over a number of years. My first exposure to Neil was in his role doing our executive reviews and feedback. In this context I found Neil to be extremely warm and engaging, highly insightful and very effective in the feedback. As a result of this session I then selected Neil as my coach for a period that lasted over a year.

Neil helped me very successfully navigate a changing internal landscape and also assisted me in unlocking a couple of issues that I recognize now had been really hampering my performance. The work I did with Neil really delivered results for me - and at the same time I really enjoyed the process.

Neil has a level of professional competency and a warmth and humanity that I feel are unique. I highly recommend Neil as a coach and advisor for senior level executives.

Debra Walton Now Chief Revenue Officer, Data & Analytics at LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group)