Explore, Create

Our Purpose

MindsOpen exists for one main reason – to open leaders’ minds to new possibilities so that they can achieve amazing outcomes for themselves, their teams, their employees and their organizations


Confidence with humility

We add value by giving our point of view, based on experience and learning. We challenge you to help you get the best outcomes. At the same time, we listen attentively to what you need and want.

Inquiring Minds

Why is our most important tool. We’re deeply curious and focused on discovering the underlying issues. We unlock new insights. We are constantly thinking about what’s next in our field.

The Power Of Humanity

We work in an empathetic, warm, trustworthy way. Our strength comes from the investment we make in relationships and our belief in the power of diversity. We have no tolerance for bullying or toxic behavior.

Difference Makers

We only believe in doing work that has a tangible impact. Don’t waste your time and money otherwise. We work smartly and strategically. We’re at our best when our work makes a difference beyond people’s working lives.


The time with MindsOpen has provided essential support to us individually and collectively to help us move forward together becoming a fitter, healthier and higher functioning team. Having experienced many such engagements, MindsOpen’s comparative and absolute value is beyond compare. Worth every dime and minute of investment. I will and have recommend MindsOpen to others without reservation.

– Chief Operating Officer, Financial Services

The coaching has transformed the way I think about and practice leadership. It’s benefited me in innumerable ways, professionally and even personally. More importantly, it’s benefited the organization I lead and the next generation of leaders coming through it. That ‘multiplier effect’ is priceless. We would not be the organization we are today without it.

– CEO, Research Organization

I’ve been to countless leadership and team building seminars, but the work I did with MindsOpen is far more valuable. The coaching doesn’t stop at surface observations; it gives deep, actionable insights tailored to who I am as a person. As a direct response to my work with MindsOpen, I feel more authentic as a leader, my work has more meaning, my team is more engaged and I am happier as a person.

-Marketing Executive, Alcoholic Beverage Industry