Imagine what your

could achieve if their minds were open to new possibilities

Our Purpose

MindsOpen exists for one main reason – to open leaders’ minds to new possibilities so that they can achieve amazing outcomes for themselves, their teams, their employees and their organizations


At our core, we work with leaders and executive teams to find impactful solutions to talent, culture and leadership challenges


It’s time to have a conversation about the paradoxes of being a leader in the 21st Century

We are living in an age of leadership that’s all about openness, authenticity and vulnerability yet expectations of leaders remain high. Leaders are told to play to their strengths but feel the pressure to be good at everything. We know that’s a myth. The omnicompetent leader doesn’t exist. Never has, never will.

Leaders are encouraged to take risks, push boundaries and be entrepreneurial but there is low tolerance for mistakes. Read any article on leadership and you’ll see creativity, innovation and visionary thinking are the must-haves. But so are pragmatism and financial acumen.

It’s no wonder that leaders at all levels get stuck. Stuck in their development and in meeting competing demands. Stuck in old behaviors, bad behaviors and adapting to new behaviors. Stuck in myopic perspectives, arrogance or self-doubt. Navigating complex situations, relating to others and leveraging difference. Stuck. The same issues apply to teams and organizations. That’s why we exist. Put simply, we help leaders, teams and organizations become unstuck so they can move forward.

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Worth every dime and minute of investment, I will and have recommended him to others without reservation.

M.S. Chief Operating Officer, Financial Services

It's coaching at the core and he does it masterfully, enabling us to create work that is more widely adopted and tailored to our organizational needs.

Kate B Senior HR Executive, Global Talent, Estée Lauder Companies

With other leadership development consultants it is not uncommon to have predictable or tried and true solutions played back to you. With Neil I have experienced unique insight.

L.S. SVP Talent Management, Finance Sector

Neil is an inspirational team facilitator in larger group settings. He is creative in engaging the group and challenging them to grow.

Michelle M. Chief Financial Officer

Neil helped me very successfully navigate a changing internal landscape and also assisted me in unlocking a couple of issues that I recognize now had been really hampering my performance.

Debra Walton Global Managing Director, Customer Propositions, Thomson Reuters